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Finest herbal teas from the Himalayas


Organic Himalayan Teas

Gurung Tea reflects a basic mantra that revolves around simplicity, health and authenticity that we are focused on sharing with our consumers. 



Each pyramid bag contains up to 5g of organic full leaf tea



USDA, UE and Japan organic certified



All herbal tea, delicious and with health benefits 



Pyramid tea bags are plastic and bleach free, 100% biodegradable 

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Sustainable Livelihoods

We  believe business can create social change.  As a social enterprise, we are committed to work  with development programs in Nepal to promote the sustainability of  the livelihoods in the local farming communities where we source

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Health Benefits

Gurung Tea integrates plants specific to the Himalayan region including Turmeric, Guduchi, and Tulsi . Our all herbal, Caffeine-free teas not only taste delicious but also offer a range of health benefits. 

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It’s a unique tea experience


Each tea leaf is attended with the centuries old craftsmanship practiced by the Gurung people resulting in an authentic and distinctive Himalayan blends

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