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At GURUNG, our fundamental purpose is founded on a simple belief; should you aspire to do something for a long time, let it be for others and not for yourself.

We are proud to have established ourselves as a purpose-driven brand that through business, brings prosperity to communities and environments close to their hearts. In 2021, we were awarded our B Corps certificate, confirming the brand with the highest standard of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Our ongoing social and environmental commitments

B Corp Tea Company Hong Kong
In 2021, we achieved our verification as Certified B Corporation, joining a global movement of over 4,000 brands that meet the B Lab standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. B Corps define a new kind of business that balance purpose and profit. Legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment, it is a community of leaders driving a global movement that sees business as a force for good.

Reusable Refillable Tins

Our teas are packaged in slender tin boxes that encourage refill and reuse. Made special through various artistic collaborations, the tins take pride in place inside tea cupboards with refillable tea packets available as part of our product offer.
gurung herbal tea

Biodegradable Tea Pouches

At each stage of the product’s life cycle, we aim for the highest standard of a circular, pro- environmental and reinforcing process. Our whole loose leaves are gathered into roomy pyramid bags that allow the tea to expand, flow and release into each cup. Our knitted pouches are made from a plant-based renewable material that is both hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

ANSAB Partner

Established in 1992, ANSAB is committed to biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement in South Asia. It places community empowerment and economic incentives at the heart of its approach and has been consistently evolving, consolidating, institutionalizing, and advancing the approaches and strategies for the promotion of community-based enterprises. Over the last 10 years, resulted in an expansion of usable farming area to 260 hectares from 0.5 hectares while providing a stable income to the local farmers. 


Each plantation holds its own potential for commercial opportunity. Our work has simply been to open a channel that connects the richness of their crop to the rest of the world. In doing so, we reinforce the farmer’s passion for their work, pride for their families and sense of prosperity for their futures.

The stable income has enabled more than 98% of the children in the communities access to education compared on 40% ten years ago.

gurung tea certified b corp
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Nepal Lokta Bark Paper

Our teas are packaged in slender tin boxes that are wrapped in Nepal Lokta Bark paper; a craft tradition that has been upheld for its historical significance.  Used by royal decrees, its attributes are believed to be so high that they could last for thousands of years.


Lokta Bark paper is handmade by a local community enterprise in Nepal that supports young mothers in providing an additional income stream to their families. The paper is also certified Wildlife Friendly, protecting 42,000 acres of habitat for animals such as the red panda and endangered snow leopard.

Nepal Lokta Bark paper has improved the lives of over 14,000 people in Nepal
USDA,EU, JAS Certified

The herbs used in our teas are all USDA ,EU, and JAS certified, this means organic foods that are grown and processed according to guidelines that address soil quality. USDA, EU, JAS Organic producers will rely only on natural substances and physical, mechanical, or biologically based farming methods to the fullest extent possible.

USDA Organic Gurung Tea.jpg
Participant of United Nation Global Compact

As part of our commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices, Gurung Tea has embedded the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact into strategies and operations, and committed to respecting human and labour rights, safeguarding the environment and working against corruption in all its forms.

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