Nepal women handmade papter

Handmade Gift Box and Paper Bag

We have purchased handcrafted paper from a community enterprise in Nepal to wrap our gift boxes.  The paper was used in Nepal for royal decrees because it's traditionally believed to last for 1,000 years. But this beautiful Nepal Lokta Bark paper has done much more than adorn our packaging, it has improved the lives of over 14,000 people in Nepal. Mothers can send their children to school and become providers with their income. Fathers who had to leave for work can now find it in their communities.  

These papers help wild life, too.  They are certified Wildlife Friendly which help protect 42,000 acres of habitat for animals like the red panda and endangered snow leopard.

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Nepal women farmer gurung


We source all our organic herbs from small farmers in the area of Nawalparasi district. These farmers are supported by Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture (ANSAB). Working closely with ANSAB and encouraging local business to follow eco-friendly conservation efforts and livelihood improvement initiatives have resulted in an expansion of usable farming area to 260 hectares from 0.5 hectares while providing a stable income to the local farmers.   In addition, the stable income has enabled more than 98% of the children in the communities access to education compared on 40% ten years ago. 
We are proud of our efforts in Nepal and are equally excited as a social enterprise to continue investing in these same communities by providing ongoing financially viable opportunities.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our pyramid tea bags are plastic free, bleach free, 100% renewable and biodegradable. It doesn’t have any effect on the tea’s flavour or its shelf life and won’t cost you any more to buy.  


These tea bags is compostable, too - though because the new material only biodegrades fully in industrial composting, the best way to dispose of them will be to pop them in your garden waste or food waste bin rather than home compost.