Gurung Tea
Green tea with lemon, ginger, sage on a

Gurung Tea is a social enterprise that was founded in 2012 by Tiffany Soong and Manching Lee.  While traveling to Nepal on a spiritual trip, they conceived the idea of a product that would help alleviate the poverty. They partnered with ANSAB,  a NGO that addresses both poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation in Nepal by providing assistance to community members to gain resource tenure.  To that end,  Gurung tea's business model helps connect local farmers to a wider market and a sustainable income for their high-quality tea and other products.


The tea collection offers a range of the finest quality, exclusive tea blends directly from the source gardens. The team takes pride in operating on principles of fair trade with a strong emphasis on socially responsible practices.  Gurung Tea strongly believes that business can make difference in lives of those it works with. Each purchase of our product positively impacts on a farmers’ life and the community to which they belong.   Gurung tea embodies the idea of empowerment, sustainability, shared prosperity and community. 

Himalaya mountain

Our Teas

In the region separating the Indian subcontinent from the plateaus of East Asia lies the Himalayas, a mountainous range known for its majestic snow-capped peaks, pristine water source and rich soil full of natural minerals.  It is at the base of the mountains where the traditions of harvesting teas by the ancient Gurung people continue to this day.  The humidity of the air and the year-long temperate climate at the foot of the Himalayas provide the ideal environment to grow Gurung's special tea blends.  


The tea farmers make use of these natural surroundings to cultivate the trees that produce our high-quality Gurung tea. Traditional methods passed down across generations are proudly used to process the hand-plucked teas according to Nepali traditional practices.

The Perfect Cup

Each tea leaf is attended to with the centuries old craftsmanship practiced by the Gurung people resulting in an authentic and distinctive Himalayan blend.  The practice of producing this tea involves integrating plans specific to the Himalayan area including Turmeric, Guduchi, and Tulsi which not only contribute to its flavor composition but also offers a range of health benefits. 


To ensure a genuine experience and the highest quality tea, we only use whole loose leaf in our tea bags which are hand-picked by local farmers and placed in semi-transparent triangular tea bags.  Each bag has generous space in order to contain up to 5mg of organic ingredients which allow the leaves more naturally expand and steep in order to provide a fuller and more subtle flavor profile.  


All our tea bags are plastic and bleach free, 100% biodegradable .