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Gurung Tea collaborated with Hong Kong based contemporary artist Sin Sin Man for the limited edition packaging featuring her work Untitled 6, 2017.


About Sin Sin Man

A free spirited and hands-on artist, Sin Sin's belief is that art should be present in every aspect of our lives, from things we wear and use to spaces we inhabit.  Art, for her, is a way to live; to communicate without words in expressing our authentic selves.


Over the past decades, Sin Sin has created many things as her inspiration knows no boudaries, incluidng textiles, jewellery, sculptures and installation.



Lemongrass is known for its calming effect and is natural cold and cough reliever. It is also rich in Vitamin B that are essential for heart health. Ginger supports body’s internal energy. This fragrant can be sweetened with honey for a delicious treat anytime of the day.



Gurung X sin sin - Organic Lemongrass Ginger

SKU: 0006
  • Each tin contains 15 sachets of lemongrass ginger tea


  • Organic Ginger, Organic Lemongrass


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